2 Deck Golf Solitaire Instructions

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2 Deck Golf Solitaire is a two deck version of the solitaire card game Golf Solitaire. The game is played with two decks of 52 cards for a total of 104 cards. The the game starts with 63 cards dealt into 9 columns of 7 cards each. The remaining 41 cards are used as a stock pile that the player can draw from when he can no longer make a move with the cards in the columns. The player can start by either placing a card of his choice from the columns into the foundation, or may draw a card from the stock pile and place it into the foundation. The player may build the foundation up or down regardless of suit, from the top card in each of the columns. When the player gets stuck, he can deal an additional card from the stock pile into the foundation giving him a new card in the foundation he can use to build on with the cards in the columns. The player wins when all cards in the 9 columns have been moved to the foundation.

Two Deck Golf Solitaire

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