Cruel Solitaire (old version)

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When playing the solitaire card game Cruel the player removes the four Aces from the deck and places them off to the side to make the foundations. The player then deals the remaining 48 cards into 12 piles of 4 cards. The player can move the top card in any of these piles between the piles or to the foundation, building the foundation up by suit, or the piles down by suit. Whenever the player likes he can pick the cards that are not in the foundation up, in order, and place them back into piles of 4 cards each, which may change the top card in any of the piles. In this game the player does this by clicking the 'Shift' button on the bottom right of the game screen, just above the 'New Game' button. The player can do this as many times as he likes in a game.

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