Penguin Freecell

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Golfer Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitaire is a fun variation of Freecell where the rules for building on the columns are stricter than in Freecell, but you have 7 freecells to make things a bit easier than they otherwise would be.

How to play Penguin

Penguin starts out with 3 cards in the foundation piles on the left side of the game screen. In the fourth empty foundation you need to place the card that has the same value as the other 3. The foundations are a bit different than in other solitaire card games because you have to wrap the cards from King to Ace and build the foundations up until you get to a value one less than what you started with.

The columns have to be built down from King to Ace by suit, and you can only move the top card in any given column. There are 7 freecells, but you need them all to get the cards in the columns the way you want them.

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